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Kids at ninja warrior class in Dallas, TX



We have classes for every age and skill level.
We are not just a ninja facility- we also train  athletes of every sport to be better, faster, stronger.

At Gauntlet Fitness we offer a wide range of classes and coaches and we know that we have someone that is right for the ninja(s) in your family. All of our ninja and athletic performance classes are structured to advance each participant to be the best version of his or herself. Our classes are founded in biomechanics research and fundamentals of calisthenics and are set up by an NSCA  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

Current Class Schedule

Beginner & Intermediate Ninja

This is a movement class perfect for both Beginner and Intermediate level ninja athletes ages 6-12.  Fundamentals focuses on the basic techniques of ninja and calisthenic training, with certain benchmarks to meet so they are always advancing! This class is ideal for the child just starting out, more experienced, or who plays other sports and needs calisthenic cross training.

Team Practice

Special team practice for our competitive team ninjas only. Competition team must attend at least one team practice a week. 

Advanced Ninja

 this class is for the advanced competitive ninja athlete. Must have your blue band to enroll in this class and have Coach Shawn’s permission. 

Functional Fitness Adult Class

 this class is for 18+ adults who are looking for a fun and fresh workout that mixes bootcamp, strength, conditioning, ninja, and calisthenic training. 

Spring 2023 Class Schedule


  • 5:30am Adult Fitness
  • 4:00pm Intermediate Ninja
  • 5:00pm Beginner Ninja
  • 6:00-7:30pm Team Practice
  • 6:30pm Adult Fitness


  • 5:30am Adult Fitness
  • 5:00pm Intermediate Ninja
  • 6:00-7:30pm Strength & Conditioning for the Female Field Hockey Athlete


  • 5:30am Adult Strength & Conditioning
  • 4:30pm Beg./Inter. Ninja
  • 6:00pm Team Practice
  • 6:30pm Adult Strength & Conditioning


  • 4:00pm Beginner Ninja
  • 5:00pm Intermediate Ninja
  • 6:00-7:30pm Team Practice
  • 6:30pm Adult Fitness


  • 5:30am Adult Fitness
  • 4:30pm Female Athlete Strength & Conditioning


  • 8:45am Beginner Ninja
  • 9:00pm Adult

Train between classes during our open gym hours!

Easter Weekend Hours

Friday, April 7
Open 10am – 2pm

Saturday, April 8
Open 10am – 2pm

Sunday, April 9
Closed for Easter